Xojo 2017 release 2 v17.2.0.37811 Torrent Free Download


Xojo Torrent create your own apps, such as commercial or in-house applications, games, utilities and more with Xojo.

Xojo 2017 release 2 v17.2.0.37811 Torrent For Mac

This tool object-oriented programming and multiplatform allows ordinary people to create extraordinary apps for Desktop, Web, Console and soon, iOS.

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Believe what you want
with serial support for graphics, database servers, internet protocols and more, you can create with Xojo practically anything you can imagine. By Xojo you can create commercial software products, utilities to facilitate your life or learn to program. In fact, Xojo is itself a Xojo app!

Apps 10x faster
can use a single source code base to support multiple platforms and you will have more than 40 controls, achieving an app with the look and correct behaviour on any platform. On the web, you can use a powerful language to create your app instead of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript while saving many hours of development!

Modern development
Xojo is a modern object-oriented language. It supports inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism and strong typing. There are thousands of differences in calls to the API of the OS, and Xojo abstracts you from such details greatly reducing development time and allowing you to focus on what makes it unique to your application.

Native, Multiplatform
The Xojo apps do not use an interpreter or virtual machine, are compiled to machine code for faster and protect your intellectual property enforcement. Xojo uses native controls, and so the look is right on each platform. The development is also multiplatform. Create the project on your OS and compiled for any platform supported by Xojo.

How does Xojo?
To create your first app, you will design your interface by dragging items over the window – a button, a field, a slider. Resizes and organizes up to look good.
Then it’s time to take your app to life! You will use the Code Editor, combined with our direct language to program the functionality of your app.
Then you will compile your application and be ready so you can try it immediately. You can create your first app Xojo in less than an hour! Do I display a web app? Test Xojo Cloud Sure hosting apps in one click!

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